Wang Yukun


Yu-kun Wang, male, full-professor, supervisor for doctor degree candidates. Prof. Wang was born in Qiqihar City in 1965. He previously received medical training at the Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) in Xi’an from 1983 to 1989. He received his bachelor degree, master degree and PH.D. degree in FMMU, and remained in Belgium as a visiting scholar. He is member of the standing committee of Chinese pharmacy education, vice president of PLA pharmacy education committee, member of the standing committee of pharmacy society and vice president of pharmic administration committee in Shaanxi Province. Prof. Wang was awarded more than 10 research supports from Chinese Ministry of Health, Chinese Ministry of Education, and Shaanxi Province government, et al. His prolific pharmacy educational and research work has culminated numerous publications (over 20), awards and several textbooks as editor. His research has focused on the study in the field of application of public health statistics, primary pharmacy and clinical pharmacy.