Postdoctoral Research Fellow

1、 Clinical medicine, basic medicine, life sciences and interdisciplinary fields.

2、  With high academic level and strong scientific research capability, under 35.


1. Compensation benefits about 270,000 RMB; Special excellent person can apply for the principal outstanding post-doctor, with benefit of 350,000 RMB.

2. The school provides academic exchange grants of 25,000 yuan per two years for each postdoctoral student.

3. Apply for post-doctoral scientific fund, Natural Science Foundation of China and tasks at different municipal levels.

4. Apply for relevant housing allowances when meeting the condition of municipal reserve-level talents, nearly 160,000RMB of housing allowances.


(I) Detailed CV, including the experience of education, work and research, list of major research achievements (such as thesis, certificates or rewards) and contact information;

(II) The name and valid contact information of 3 referrals and 3 recommendation letter;

(III) Other materials available to certify the working ability.


All the application documents or questions regarding the position may be directed to Alina via email at If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (Tel0755-88018042).