2018· Global Scientist Forum


I. Introduction

The Global Scientist Forum at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) aims to provide a platform for brainstorm and academic exchanges among young scholars at home and abroad, to promote interdisciplinary and academic innovation, and discuss the approach for the construction of world-class universities and disciplines. Through the recruitment of world-class talents, we plan to build SUSTech into a high-level research university with unique characteristics in the world.


II. Qualifications for Applicants

(a) Under the age of 40

(b) Doctoral degree obtained from international renown universities and institutes; or Ph.D graduated from domestic universities while working abroad for more than 3 years, with certain achievements in related fields or good potential for further development; scholars with certain academic influence in the related field. Scholars from all areas are welcome.


III. Forum Schedule

Registration Date: January 5, 2018

Date of the Forum: January 6-7, 2018


IV. Application

Please submit your CV to institutional mailbox of SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (aais@sustc.edu.cn) and intended department mailbox (see the list of departments/schools in the end), entitled “SUSTech Global Scientist Forum Application-intended department (eg. Mathematics…)” for evaluation. The application will close at December 15, 2017. Successful applicants will receive the invitation before December 20, 2017.


V. Travel and Accommodation

(a) Free accommodation and lodging will be provided.

(b) Travels: All invited scholars need to purchase their own tickets (economic class). We will provide travel reimbursement for the actual cost of tickets between 12/30/2017-01/13/2018 (maximum CNY 12,000 per person).


VI. Contact Information

(a)    Dr Kun Yang, Tel: +86-75588015717, Email: yangk@sustc.edu.cn

(b)    Dr Huihui Sun, Tel: +86-755-88015716, Email: sunhh@sustc.edu.cn

Contacts of departments are listed in the end.


VII. Salary and Benefits

SUSTech will provide generous remuneration to our school's successful recipients of the “Thousand Youth Talents Program”as well as complete working and living conditions. In addition to national funds (CNY 1-3 million) and subsidies (CNY 500,000), Guangdong Province will support each Thousand Youth Talent start fund for scientific research of CNY 500,000 and settled fund of CNY 250,000. Meanwhile, Shenzhen will provide each Thousand Youth Talent start fund for scientific research of CNY 3-5 million (5 million for engineering, medicine, life science and experimental science; 3 million for theoretical science) and settled fund of CNY 2 million ( “Shenzhen peacock talent plan B” ); SUSTech will also support start fund for scientific research of CNY 1 million.


Southern University of Science and Technology is a public university founded in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China. It is intended to be a top-tier international university that excels in interdisciplinary research, nurturing innovative talents and delivering new knowledge to the world. It has been widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator in collectively moving China's higher education forward to match China's ever-growing role in the international arena.

Currently, SUSTech totally has 430 teachers, 18 academicians, 15 ‘Changjiang’ scholars, 48 ‘Thousand Talents’ and more than 60 ‘Thousand Youth Talents’. In 2016, 14 scholars successfully gained the title of ‘Thousand Youth Talents’ by applied through SUSTech, which ranked No. 9 among all universities and institutes in China.

By the end of September 2017, SUSTech has achieved a number of breakthrough results: undertaken 202 research projects with total funds of CNY 359 million (about CNY 1 million per faculty member, to be continued); In 2017, the ‘Nature Index Weighted Paper Values’ of SUSTech is 41.06 (from June 2016 to May 2017), ranking No. 30 among all universities in mainland of China. It only takes three years for SUSTech to increase the ranking in ‘Nature Index’ from 55 to 30.


Welcome all young scholars at home and abroad to register and consult!