2019 International Forum of Pain Medicine held at SUSTech


       From November 22 to 24, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted the 2019 International Forum of Pain Medicine (Forum) in conjunction with a number of top pain physician, nursing and anesthetist societies sponsoring the Forum. The Forum also incorporated several pain medicine forums across southern China, with more than 500 experts, scholars and industry representatives attending from across China and the world.


      The morning of the 23rd saw the opening ceremony of the Forum. SUSTech Vice President Lu Chun welcomed all the scholars to SUSTech and anticipated a successful meeting. He spoke about the development of SUSTech and the School of Medicine, pointing out that the simultaneous development of medical and pedagogic resources is important for the city of Shenzhen. SUSTech is committed to the construction of medical disciplines within its “research, innovation and entrepreneurship” philosophy. Lu Chun highlighted the intertwined relationship between Shenzhen & SUSTech, emphasizing the dual development of a first-class university within a international, modern and innovative city.


         Other attending dignitaries were First Affiliated Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen’s People Hospital) vice president Zhang Wei. The Forum opening ceremony co-chairs were SUSTech Center for Pain Medicine Director Professor Song Xuejun, Xiao Lizu and Yu Tian.


       Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician and noted neurologist from Fudan University Professor Yang Xiongli closed the opening ceremony. He expounded on the development of pain medicine and neuroscience and China, before moving onto the outstanding contributions that have been made in Chinese neuroscience and international pain medicine. He hoped that China would continue to be a leader in neuroscience and that SUSTech would become a vigorous developer and contributor of pain medicine.

      Professor Yang Xiongli then gave a keynote speech entitled "Challenges and Prospects for Brain Science".

      Royal Academy of Sciences Fellow (Kings College London) Professor Stephen McMahon presented on "The Genetics and Epigenetics of Pain".


        Nine experts including Beijing Neuroscience Society Chairman (Peking University) Professor Yu Changhai and Japan Pain Society Chairman (Aichi Medical University) Professor 牛田享宏 gave academic reports.

       The Forum discussed neuroscience, the neurobiological basis of anesthesia and pain medicine, neuropathic pain treatment, cancer pain treatment, musculoskeletal and joint pain treatment, youth forum on anesthesia and pharmacology, and pain care. 67 experts & scholars presented academic reports  and chaired discussions on related topics. There were also a number of research and case speech competitions for young scholars.


Source: School of Medicine

Text: Song Xuejun

Edit: Cheng Wenjing

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying