Notice on the trial run of the new official website of the University


All faculty members, staff and students:

In order to further improve the university website, the Office of Communications and Public Relations has recently completed an upgrade of the Chinese and English websites.

The new official website will be put into trial operation on September 10, 2018 (Monday), and we will open the access for the new official website on the upper right corner of the official website.

At present, the new official website is not open to the Off-campus Internet. You can click the button “New Version” directly; or enter the new official website directly URL:

During the trial operation, all administrative and academic  departments, along with faculty members, staff and students are invited to provide valuable opinions and suggestions.

Thank you for your concern and support for the upgrade of the school's official website!



Yu Yin

Tel: 88010274


Lin Shifan

Tel: 88010788



Office Communications and Public Relations  

Information Center

September 12, 2018